Binghamton Area - Upstate NY - surrounding areas

Greetings to everyone reading this thread. If there are any interested parties in the Binghamton area that would like to start getting together at my place, I am all for it. You can take a look at the website to see some of the products available at this time for audition and playing with. Some of our more exclusive products are:

1) Usher Audio D2 horn speaker - 98dB 6 foot tall, 600 lb system using the TAD-4001 compression driver.
2) Daedalus DA-1 - custom built of solid hardwoods at 96dB
3) Musica Bella SP/AV series rated at 90dB and 96dB

Obviously I am dedicated more towards tubes and also have alot of unique tube gear also available to play with.

Being in the middle of the state, I would like to extend this offer to all surrounding areas and clubs as well.

I would also like to set a tentative date for Sunday May 7th, where I will have the doors open to the NY Audio Rave, NJ Audio Society, Buffalo area and Albany

Any interested parties please email me at