Best Used Speaker for Around $5000??

Any recommendations on speakers in the $4500-$6000 (used a'gon prices) if I upgrade my totem hawk speakers?? Keep in mind I have a fairly small room (16x10) and would want to stay with fairly efficient speakers due to Pass XA-30.5 is RATED for 30 watts but delivers WAY more than that. I don't want speakers that are too big and require a amp upgrade. The hawks are 6 Ohm and 86db

My system:

Pass Labs XA-30.5 amp
Pass Labs X0.2 preamp
Esoteric XO3-SE cd player
BPT 3.5 Ultra Sig. power conditioner
Totem Hawk speakers
AudioPath custom IC's and speaker cable
Shunyaa Python CX power cords
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Tvad: Do you think my XA-30.5 would be ok with the Daedalus Ulysses? I read one of your previous threads where you were considering trying the Ulysses with a XA-60.5's... What do you think they'd be like with the XA-30.5?
although hawks do not fall into desired efficiency rating, but they're very stable on impedance and still consider to be a good match to a low powered amplifier tube or solid state.
i would suggest within your specified budget researching larger power amplifier and speaker combination which more likely no doubt bump you an upgrade towards versatility of a full range high resolution sound. for (IMHO)overpriced pass X 30.5 you can find quite an array of more affordable and more powerful amps. to my experience high efficiency speakers do compromise the full range resolution or even the sensitivity or efficiency rating is bumped up for marketing (for instance B&W or Joseph). if you're still attached to your current amp, and I agree it's great and honestly rated, i would suggest adding powered subwoofer or pair (very impressed with aerial one although might be large for your needs) but the totem sub (or pair of such) are relatively small and will substantially help you for less money spent.

my experience listening to hawks powered by plinius integrated gave me an impression that they are very natural in the small room listening for any kinds of music. adding sub will get you more presentation and obviously fuller range.
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Since you mention used A'gon prices as a reference: absolutely do have a look at a pair of demo Gemme Audio Katana on offer on the 'Gon for $ 5.2k (from $ 12k) with full warranty and trade-in programme.
Just over 1 meter high, this is a stunningly looking 8ohm two way floorstander delivering a fabulous performance. Superb timing, deep bass (as opposed to big or fat), absolutely coherent and truly able to stir emotion. And, imho one of a small and very select group of producers who know how to obtain the virtues of ceramic drivers whilst avoiding the notorious disadvantages (together with You-Know-Who if you read my postings ;^)), far better than some big names. Sensitivity is comparable with your present speakers (85-86 db).
To be sure, I have no connection whatsoever with the guys offering these gems (cheap pun intended, I confess).
For the refined sound look at Merlin... for more visceral impact and thicker presentation look at the Dual Concetric Tannoy's.
Do you think my XA-30.5 would be ok with the Daedalus Ulysses?
I'd suggest a phone conversation with Lou on that question -- I'm sure he'll give you a knowledgeable and honest answer.

While I have no experience with the Pass amps, fwiw my own feeling is that I can't imagine that they would not be a good match for either the Ulysses or the DA-RMa. Considering your room size and their high sensitivity, your amp would undoubtedly be running Class A nearly all the time. For any occasional brief peaks that might require more power than is available in Class A, you would have 130W available into the DA-RMa's 8 ohm nominal impedance, and somewhere in the vicinity of 160W into the Ulysses nominal 6 ohm impedance (extrapolating from Stereophile's measurements).

Lou has indicated that the new AP (all-poly) crossover option, although not inexpensive, among other things makes these speakers significantly easier to drive. But even without that option, people have used them successfully with everything from SET's and OTL's to high-powered SS amps. Check out the recent threads at his Audiocircle forum for comments by others, particularly the threads on "Synergistic Amplifiers" and on the "All-Poly Option."

Good luck!

-- Al
What is the used value of the Daedalus Ulysses???

I have an option to buy a used pair of Deadalus Ulysses speakers in Cherry with both the platforms and the box stands. About two years old in grade 9 condition. I can't find any blue book value or comparable preowned Ulysses to compare pricing. The seller and I are open to researching fair pricing but have not yet discussed specific numbers. I think they are around $11,000 new but they have undergone several manufacturer price increases in the past few years. Any opinions on what I should offer?? I was thinking maybe around $3750 - $4000. I want both parties of this transaction to get a fair deal.

Any input, recommendations, or feedback regarding preowned Deadalus Ulysses pricing please let me know.

Greg, $3750 - $4000 sounds very low to me.

For most of the past year, and possibly considerably longer, the price for a new pair of Ulysses in cherry with bases and stands has been $11,550 (of which $600 is for the bases and stands).

As far as I am aware there have been only two pairs of Ulysses sold here at Audiogon in the past year. I believe that both were in cherry, with bases and stands, and both were described as being in perfect condition. One was sold about 6 or 7 months ago, and was about a year old at that time. If I recall correctly, it was initially offered at around $8K. During the next week or two the asking price was lowered a few times, and I'm pretty certain it was in the area of $6K to $6.5K when it was marked "sold."

The other pair was sold a couple of months ago by member "Fig". I don't recall what the asking price was, and I don't know what it ended up selling for. You might want to contact him and ask.

Good luck!
-- Al
Since Daedalus speakers are not distributed through dealers, there is no dealer markup. Thus the actual value of their the parts and cabinetry is a much higher percentage of the retail price than it is for speakers that go through dealer networks. If the used prices are a higher percentage of full retail than for most speakers, this could be a contributing factor.