Best Price on REga Jupiter

Looking to buy a Rega Jupiter via internet.
Any suggestions for US dealer w/ best price?
Well, used you can expect to find them here for sale by members anywhere from $900 - $1200.
I don't think any dealers sell them new via internet?
I could be wrong. Many time dealers will only sell "if there is no dealer in your area"
I have a Jupiter I bought used last year in really excellent shape and I love it.
Having a heck of a time finding dealer on-line that sells Rega ED players.
I can recommend someone you can call who might be able to ship one to you... Symphony Sound ( in Chicago. Check out there website and then call Evan Trent (owner) and leave him a message. Extremely professional. Tell him Ajazi sent you and that you are looking for the best deal you can get on a new one.