Best comment yet on my system - Ayre QB-9 DSD

I recently added a QB-9 DSD to replace my Micromega MyDAC and got quite an interesting comment from my girlfriend last night.  

We spend a lot of time in front of my system, so she has grown to appreciate what high quality audio has to offer.  Last night however I asked her if anything sounded different to her since adding the DAC.  She laughed and said that she's not a techie but it sounded like I didn't turn on the right or left speaker, which is funny since it's a 2-channel system.

I think she put her finger on what the Ayre has done to my system.  The soundstage has become more seamless, more dense and focused.  My speakers have truly disappeared.  

Overall I could not be happier with my "new" DAC, but thought it was a cool comment that you all may get a kick out of.
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I recently just bought one too.  Out of curiosity, how much did you pick yours up for?
"Loved ones" can surprise you when you least expect it

Why wife came in one day and asked
"what have you done to the TV? - it looks so much more vivid!"
"Just changed the power cable" I replied

What is really funny, I didn’t notice any improvements in the picture

Generally, my wife does not notice any audible improvements on the two channel system.

Seems she is more visually "tuned"

Go figure - its a fickle hobby   :-)