Berning ZH270 + AP Virgos = magic?

Anyone out there have an opinion about this combo?
I just happened to listen to this combination today at a local dealer - I have a zh270 and we hooked it up to a pair of Virgo's. Not sure what cables were used. Front end was MMf-7 turntable/YBA cdp and Conrad Johnson 14 preamp. It sounded very good. Drove the Virgo's no problem. Lots of air, lots of detail, great bass, very fast to match the Virgos, and great soundstage. I happen to like the Virgo's alot, and the ZH270 does a good job with them.

I haven't heard the Virgos but have owned the Berning amp. I very much liked the way they sounded with several speakers. They didn't have the typical lush,slow tube amp sound. If you have any doubts about them I can assuage your fears by saying that they are completely reliable,quiet, and professionally built. David Berning does very little if any advertising and is not that well known but has been manufacturing amplifiers for over 10 years I believe. If you like them, don't be afraid to buy them. Check out the Berning website. You can read about some really innovative technology. Have fun listening.
I concur with the above comments about the Berning. Although I haven't heard with Virgo's I have no doubt that it would be a great match. A great feature of this amp is the 3 feedback settings to tailor the sound to your tastes and speakers. You will also realize bass control ala ss and excellent high frequency extension along with that great midrange.

Although not a true OTL amp, the Berning has more of an "OTL" presentation of the music rather than the euphonic coloring added by many other tube designs. If this is what you are looking for you will be pleased. btw, Berning has been manufacturing amps and pre-amps since the early 70's. They are not "me too" products but innovative, dependable and cutting edge designs. The David Berning Company means just that, you are purchasing a product designed and assembled by David Berning himself.
If I may add, imagine a Ph.D. of Physics assembling the amp for you.
Tubegroover, thanks to you, I heard from Allan that mine is to be shipped early next week. I will definitely report to you.
Tubegroover, it is an OTL, it's just a new type of OTL, as a Glass audio reviewer puts it, a unique approach to the output transformerless problem.
The word unique, being very understated :)

You won't get an argument from me Allan. But to the purist, an OTL amplifier is one that has nothing between the tube plate and the speaker terminal, in other words, direct coupled. As an OTL enthusiast it is a moot point to me as the Berning, I am sure, would compare favorably with the best of them and improve in some areas. I certainly don't want to open that debate again in this thread.
As far as the audio signal is concern, there is nothing between the tube and the speaker terminal.
That is what makes it so unique :)

So yes, debating whether it's the terminology or the actuality that makes it an OTL, or not, will never cease, that is of course until the patent runs out and others can copy it.
I have never heard the combo in question, but am quite confident that it would be a good match. I own a 270, and have personally run a variety of different speakers ranging from Magnepans 1.6qr, and 3.6 to Dunlavy scIV/A's. I have also heard it drive a pair of full range Sound Labs. Not once did it seem underpowered or slow. In fact, quite the opposite. The ZH270 running the Magnepan 3.6 was quite a stunning combination. The Virgos From what I have heard are capable of very good detail and dynamics. This being the case the Berning might just be a match made in heaven.

Best of Luck,
Kris Kosiba
dear foilks

where is the best store to buy Bering ZH270? I owned Virgos.
and I am looking for good tube amp.

Hello Timchen,

I highly recommend Allan at I purchased my Berning through him and he is very knowledgeable, as well as being a first rate person. E-mail him, he will answer any and all questions you may have.

Best of luck,