Belles reference 150A Vs Belles Reference 150A V2

Has anyone compared the Belles Reference 150A against the newer Belles Reference 150a Version 2. The orignail 150A Reference has a 1000VA transformer and the newer V2 has a 650VA. The Bass should has some effect of the smaller transformer? I own a Hotrod 150a and wanted to upgrade to a used amp for 1,400.00 I own the Belles 21A with the Aurua cap upgrade already. I love the belles Hotrod sound but want to have more resolution.
Great question! Also interested. I'm another fan of the Belles 150A Hot Rod. It's really a great sounding amp. Always wondered how the 150A Reference sounds?....
I have both of these amps. They really don't compare except that they are both neutral and grain free, which seems to be a Belles hallmark. The 150A ref v2 lets you hear your source and preamp. It is quite revealing. With that said, your front end gear has to be excellent. The 150A Hot Rod is more forgiving and also doesn't have quite the ability to drive tough speakers like the ref does. I like them both very much for their individual qualities. As with any amp, system synergy is key to achieve the sound you want. What is great about Belles amps is that they get out of the way and do their job. They are also very sturdy, reliable, and made in the USA (not that I don't also like gear made in other countries).
I have a V2 and noted which may be giving away my weirdness. It seems like it has taken me about 850 hours for it to bloom into its own. For me that has been about a year and half. It made big changes at about the 300 hour mark but didn't really sound exceptionally beautiful until about the 850 hr mark. I know when people have them for sale on the 'Gon a lot of them didn't have them that long and they still thought of it as a great sounding amp.
I had both and frankly never understood what all the hype was about. If I was in your situation, I would sell the Belles amp, preamp, interconnects and power cord and get a Wyred 4 Sound integrated. MUCH more transparent and holographic with a tremendous amount of detail without being bright at all. Also has midrange warmth (which surprised me) and easily the deepest bass I've heard from ANY amplifier. It was the tightest bass I've heard but that honor went to the Job 225. But that's me.