Bell canto rf 1000 VS Levinson no.335

Which AMP is best for B&W n802
You need to listen to both with them, they are both excellent amps, but they are different. the Bel Canto's are a bit livelier, the ML has more weight, both literally and sonically....
I like the Bel cantos with B&W speakers. They seem to be a good match. The 335 is a good amp but I have had reliability problems with the 335 and 336 amps. I have sold 3 in the past and all have had to be repaired. Thats just my experience I could have just been unlucky here in Old Blighty (Thats the UK)
The RF1000 will sound leaner or brighter?
How about Classe,Pass lab,Spectron,Krell or MAC?