Beautiful Colored Tube Preamp ($10k budget) to Pair w/ Very Accurate Monitors (PSI A25M)

I'm helping a friend set up a dream home setup based around (4) PSI A25M powered speakers w (2) PSI A225M subwoofers. Prism Lyra2 D/A converters. I know the PSI sound and it's very pleasing for home listening and of course super detailed  but I do want to provide some beautiful high end color /magic via a tube preamp which really adds a warmth to the sound. So curious what folks feel in the $10k range for a lot of that tube color and help warm up the very accurate PSI monitors some. Main source will be Tidal / streaming audio as well as a CDJ3000 DJ setup playing digital files. Having phono pre not essential - having a few inputs nice to easily switch between streaming and dj setup  =]  Maybe a manufacturer based in North America / US since based here and easier to deal w just in case any issues arise?  But also not essential

My experience with PSI active speakers are they tend to be very “forward” or “energized “ so please consider a preamp with input gain control

Take a look at the Supratek line of preamps. Unique designs,  6SN7 and/or DHT. Adjustable gain. Lifetime warranty. I have the 6SN7 /  DHT Cabernet. Great flexibility to tune the sound to your preference.

So you're looking for a beautiful warm colored tube amp to go with accurate detailed speakers? MacIntosh?

For the beautiful color done exactly how beautiful color should be done, how bout a used Vinnie Rossi DHT preamp. Huge spacious stage, detailed yet flows with ease, then control the level of warmth wanted with tube choice.

Also, IMO the LTA preamp is much closer to neutral than warm at all. Tubes can of course change that a little but by design it is quite neutral.