BAT VK-5SE vs 50SE

Hi! Has anyone had the opportunity to audition the BAT VK-5SE and 50SE preamplifiers? If so, any perspectives regarding similarites/differences between them? Thanks for your comments. Sam
Good review in Stereophile of the vk5se in comparison to vk50se. I think it was October 99. Also call BAT directly and ask for advice.
Hello Clferrari, I haven't heard the 5se but I own the 50se and it is a killer!!! Good luck, Tom
Thanks for the replies Drrasta and Tom. I've been able to audition the 5i vs the 50SE and prefer the latter - great call, Tom. Regrettably, I have yet to listen to a 5SE. I hope to read the article referenced by Drrasta, soon!

I just bought a VK-5SE used mint condition from The Music Room (display is dim but can be replaced from BAT). I love it. Best Preamp I've ever had. Incredibly flexible and the sound is luscious.

It feeds an Orchard Audio Amplifier modules @ 300W/4Ω per channel (mids/highs/midbass) and the "tape out" feeds two "1000 Watt"/4Ω (for the double woofers of my KEF 105/3's