Balanced or single ended with Res.CD-55?

Can all of you Resolution Audio CD-50 and CD-55 fans out there share your interconnect experience? Have you gotten better sound with balanced or single ended? Also, what brand/models have you liked best? Thanks for the input.
I have tried both and could not hear a difference - I use TARA Labs Decade balanced interconnects (Master Gen II sound as good for less $).
Whatjd, I have a CD55 on home trial purchase. When I picked up the player, I asked the Resolution guy to compare the balanced vs. unbalanced outputs. He said the player is fully balanced, but unlike many players the CD55 "sums" the balanced signal at the unbalanced outputs to preserve the quality of the signal, i.e., no degradation compared to the balanced outputs. (I probably garbled this explanation). Anyway, the Resolution website describes this feature in more detail. I hope the design works, because my amp only has unbalanced inputs.
on the cd50 the output voltage is different single vs bal, on the cd 55 both type of output connections have the same voltage gain.i prefer single ended on the 55 using analysis plus silver interconnect.