B&W 804: Big improvement over 704?

I recently bought at Sim integrated amp and am now looking to upgrade my B&W 704 speakers. Are the B&W 804S speakers a significant improvement? I've enjoyed the 704s a lot but I find them to be somewhat harsh, so am looking for something less so, and more musical.
Being a Von Schwiekert owner, I would recomend the VR$jr's. If you want to stay with B&W and want less harsh, try the 803d. The diamond tweeters are less harsh.
the 704s are definitely an aggressive speaker in the high end. The 804s will give you a more balanced sound, but are still prone to sounding bright if the electronics lean that way. As someone who's been wedded to the B&W brand for a long time, I'd suggest being really sure you want to stay with them since you are at a point of making a change.
I have owned several paris and still own a pair of 805 Signatures and a pair of Nautilus 804.
Your speakers are definately forward, i would never call them bright or harsh.
They are very easily toned down with cabling or tweaks.
They should be a pretty big improvement over your current speakers.
I would highly recommend them as i would like imaging, detail and accuracy over the opposite any day.
Good luck and have fun.
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