B & W 801 S3 Crossover Upgrade

Hello fellow Goners!! I originally posted earlier an inquiry if anybody knows if North Creek Music Systems are still in business. I think I’m going with they are no longer in existence. If anyone knows different, please post your input here. Are there any diy’ers who have either upgraded their own crossovers that would be willing to share the recipe or going one step further, anyone have blueprints/schematics to the North Creek Ultimate or Junior upgrade recipe? Thank you in advance.
Did my 801 series 80...gotem for $900 Completetly removed the protection circuit.. All the wiring was crap green corroded copper, all the connectors crap loose and corroded,.  Replaced all the caps with solen from madisound prolly like $300 with the wire and posts.. Kept the square film caps in place..Took a week of messing With it, figuring it out etc.. I'd charge someone like 600 parts and labor to do it again..  O and I had to recone the 12" speakers too.  300$ They sound great was worth it... Are they with 1500$  to the right person I guess so..I always have my eyes peeled for some snell speakers c/v or the ones with dual 10"

Thanks for your input. I found a guy who today rebuilds the crossovers including heavy awg inductors and resistors as well.  He charges like $600 a pair.  I may give it a try.  I just don't want to screw up what I have. I'm airways looking for better but don't want to ruin a good thing either. 
I haven't had anything done with mine yet.  I'll send the link to you later. I'm not 100% convinced I need to do anything at this point. Let me know if you use this guy and if your happy with the outcome.
It’s actually on eBay. The eBay listing number is 152964921612. This is for a complete crossover replacement or rebuild and I believe wire inside the speakers as well. It’s also for series 3 801’s or 802’s. He does a bunch of models. Let me know how it works out should you decide to go that route.
I have a pair of 801 Matrix Series 2’s amd am also considering Crossover work. I saw the eBay offering and am wondering how they would compare to what the Northcreek Music folks used to offer?? It would be great to hear from people who have done the eBay upgrade! 
I’m curious too. I never pulled the trigger just yet. If anyone has anything they’d like to share as sabciu stated, it would be greatly appreciated.
I pulled the trigger on the upgrade. Eugen actually builds and ships you a new crossover, so you get to keep your old one. He offered a Series 2 or Series 3, but I went with the Series 2. It’s going to take him 2 to 3 weeks I guess. I’ll be doing some critical listening with my 801’s S2’s as is. According to Frank VanAlstine, the S2’s had a crossover issue which B&W addresses on the S3. I have NOT performmed the recommended fix to them just yet, but Frank was nice enough to email me the PDF of what I need to do. Once I get the new X-Overs, and have had some time with them, I’ll come back and post my thoughts. I have my fingers crossed! 🤞 
That is awesome. Please let us know how it works out. I’ve put a lot of funds into building a second system and that’s another reason I never did anything just yet. It will be much easier to justify if I hear anything positive from this upgrade. I’m very curious how his upgraded crossover would compare to the North Creek crossovers. Those looked pretty impressive. I love the idea you can keep your old ones because I believe that helps with resale should you ever decide to sell the S2’s. Were you able to speak with Eugen via phone or just email communication? I asked for his number and he responded he would rather communicate via email. I think that pushed me back a bit as well. Let us know how it turns out. Thank you, Joe
@Sabciu, did you ever get your crossovers back from the modification/upgrade? I was wondering if you would like to share how they turned out and read it worth the $$$
I was pretty excited to find this, current,  thread on the 801 crossover upgrade. I was especially excited to read that Sabciu pulled the trigger on the Ebay offering. Unfortunately, it appears to be another dead end, for now. Hopefully someone can shed some light on the subject, soon, because one one my stock crossovers failed.
I really appreciate all of you here.
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This was mentioned here: "According to Frank VanAlstine, the S2’s had a crossover issue which B&W addresses on the S3."


That no-parts mod is explained here: https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/b-w-matrix-801-series-2-enter-the-lab-and-get-the-van-alstine-treatment.512873/


I employed that change to my II's.  Does it improve the II''s sound?  Not to my ears.