Axpona 2015. Are any of you guys going?

I am considering going to this event. It's reasonably close for me. Also, some cool people I know are already planning to go. So,

Are any of you guys going?

How does this compare to Rocky Mountain Audio Festival (RMAF)?

Are there any headphone amplifier vendors there?

Thanks in advance.
I live in Chicago and will be going again this year. Both years have been excellent. You will find some headphone gear there for sure, but this isn't as big as at RMAF, where CanJam is attached to the larger RMAF fest. But still a lot of good headphone gear to listen to.

AXPONA is smaller than RMAF, but after going to RMAF this year I think I'll be content with AXPONA for a while. AXPONA is sill a very nice sized event, with tons to see and hear.

A great time.
I plan to go to AXPONA 2015. Not been to a audio show in a number of years. So I hope it works out. It is about 6 hrs drive from my place.
My wife and I will also be going again and hope to see you. We have been to RMAF once. Unfortunately I got sick but what I saw and experienced was good and hope some day to go again. I live in Wisconsin so that makes Axpona easier to attend plus Axpona was a very good time Last year. I saw Artisan Fidelity turntables, Salk speakers, Blue Circle electronics, TAD speakers just to name several and this year there is a good chance Intuitive Design will be their. If there is anyone out there reading this and you never heard of Intuitive Design, check out there room.