Awesome vinyl collection in May 09 Elle Decoration

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This double paged spread appeared in the May 2009 UK Magazine Elle Decoration. I wonder what the HiFi systen looks like?
That's great. I'm seeing more and more vinyl/turntables in the background on TV and various other ads.
Not sure, but it would not be impossible that the playback system is the one in #2 in the first photo. Another photo of that 'music system' is here.
I agree that it is not impossible, but submit to you that it is improbable that the owner uses the Castiglioni-designed music system. I suspect that the magazine art director found the owner living in the loft with the shelving and the vinyl collection and the framed art, and used the enhanced space to showcase "placed" furniture in collaboration with a public relations firm. The Piazzessi white leather sofas are breathtaking--in both beauty and price. The lamp, the tables, the Carlo Bimbi brown armchair are all brand new and very much high end. Yet one imagines that the vinyl collection took decades to collect, and surely the owner would have had the good taste to purchase other important furnishings over time. It would be a simple matter on a shoot to place the featured new furniture to define space and add glamor to the room. Fashion and Shelter magazines do this sort of thing all the time.

I like to imagine that the owner has a carefully chosen, powerful, aesthetically striking HiFi 2 channel system pushed out of the way for the purpose of the shoot, and carefully repositioned when the room was returned to him. I have to doubt that the Brionvega sound system could present the vinyl collection at its best level of performance, and doesn't one think that an owner who puts so much effort to the aesthetic presentation (the bespoke shelving, the back lighting) would similarly invest in musical reproduction equipment of the highest order?

And finally, I agree that it is great that our passion for HiFi and Vinyl has been recognized and sanctified by the popular cultural establishment. Wow!
Agree not probable for the Brionvega (though I think it is super cool). I would hope he uses a different system. I don't actually see the system in the photos (though there are some flat things on top of the shelf in the second photo). I don't see any speakers either, but given the sofa placement, they could be behind the photog.

As for the product placement, the place looks newly done. And it looks like the resident had professional help in the design aspect (very few regular joes will come up with a shelf like that on their own), so I expect the sofas may be resident. They may be big bucks, but so was the place. People who afford that kind of place are old enough to have collected a significant amount of what I call 'the detritus of life', and it looks like very little of it made the cut to the new place. I have a few friends who have had their similar kinds of places in AD and other rags (but only when really well-designed or 'decorated', and usually when 'new') and they don't so much bring in furniture as take stuff out of the photo, and REALLY choose their angles well. Personally, I love the Bimbi chair, and the long shelf. And think the writer's comment about the vinyl is great.
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