audition spots in los angeles

i am in l.a. for the next month. i am hoping that some of you can recommend a shop where i can demo equipment. i come from a small town in alabama so there's not much to choose from. with a lot of research i've ended up with a pretty synergistic system, but i'd like to hear some of the more unique gear such as vtl, etc. i won't ever get that chance back home so...let me know who's good to deal with out here. thanks, brad hilliker
vandersteen 2ci
audible illusions 2d
b&k ex442
parasound pd1500
parasound p1000 dac
mapleshade digital i/c
homegrown audio super silver i/c
tributaries silver speaker
One of the best shops in the LA area is Ambrosia Audio.
Check them out at
Another one is automation CH on Wilshire and Centinela, some good stuff, as well as LA Audio Video and the Sound Factor, enjoy!
Go to Systems Design Group in Redondo Beach. Their web page is:

They have a good selection of gear but they have the Avlar speakers, I don't know anywhere else that you can hear them.
Jerry the owner is a partner in the Speakers and will give you a great demo.

Have Fun,

thanks everyone. i'll try to check every one of these locations... i appreciate it. brad hilliker
One of the best rooms that I've heard that's been set up specifically for sound quality is at Precision A/V in Moorpark, a little north of L.A. It's a large room with some excellent audio. There is a lot of good to great equipment out there, but sadly not too many rooms configured to let the equipment really show its stuff. This is certainly one of the best that I've found.
Systems Design Group is by far the best place in the South Bay. They are off of Kingsdale in Redondo Beach.

Here's a post I wrote for my experience with them when I bought my Avlar Prodigy speakers:

Suffice it to say that Dave and Jerry at Systems Design Group make the experience wonderful. They are patient and almost anti-sales. Dave even came by my place to make sure they sounded right. Since then, I've bought more equipment from them, including a Rotel head unit and CD player. If I can, I'll buy more stuff from them as holiday presents.
I'm visiting LA this week.

Can anyone suggest a place to hear Sound Labs or other
top performing speakers?

Don't need to hear Wilson as I can do that locally.

Elliot Midwood of Acoustic Image has an amazing, specially designed, listening room in his in-house store. He carries mid, high-end, and ultra high-end equipment.

Elliot is terrific to talk to and extremely knowledgeable about all things audio related. By appointment only, though.

Here's a mini review of his HE 2006 room. I spent quite a while in there and it was everything and more than this review states. Absolutely incredible. Of course, for >$125k, it should be. Also, Elliot has great taste in music.