Audiophile speakers that rock well

I am interested in a monitor sized speaker that does all the audiophile tricks, but can also rock the house without bleeding my ears. Can I get both in a single speaker? I've heard some real good speakers that do vocals, acoutical type music well, but absolutle fail at R & R. Can I have the soundstaging, the imaging, etc.etc. With a speaker that rocks? Budget is $3K

Glrtrgi I wonder if another approach would work for you. How about looking at fitting out a 4.1 system and getting the whole room immersion sort of effect going? Decent monitor in each corner with a good sub?

just a thought
I should have mentioned that the reason the Europa is so revealing of recording flaws, without causing them to be unbearable to listen to, is because it has so little temporal distortion. It's not because it's treble is rolled off, although admittedly it's tonal balance is a tad dark.

And yet another Husker Du fan here too, LOL.