Audiophile Optimizer / Fidelizer

Are these programs compatible with Windows !!  ?


From their WEB, it says Windows core.

It also says DSP but bit perfect which is contradictory.  I wonder what it does that JRiver DSP plugins don;t. I run JRiver, exclusive, asynchronous mode so I only screw up the bits intentionally: drop level by 3 dB and knock down a bass mode, increased buffer size. 

Not sure what the optimizer does, but I would first study their free PDF. It could be some of their tweaks can be done by hand.  Getting Microsoft's grubby fingers out of your music  does have some of the "magical" results they claim, though they do push what sounds like BS, that may be their advertising copy writer trying to hit the "audiofool" market for an actually useful utility. Don't know. I have a couple of pages of OS tweaks I used on my music server as it is dedicated. If I did not stream with it, I would do a lot more. Could be this is a handy tool to do those things without having to look up each service and parameter. 

 PDF is not available and talks Windows 2012.  Red flag, a software download and says "shipping calculated on checkout" ?  

I sent them a query. 

I use Fidelizer; a free copy on one PC used for streaming and a paid version on another PC used for streaming on a 2nd system. To directly answer your question, this software does run on both my machines, each using Windows 10.


[Edit]: I now realize that the original poster may have meant to type Windows 11 and not Windows !! So, my post here does not directly answer the question as to if it runs on Windows 11.

+1 @jheppe815 

I use the paid version of Fidelizer on my Windows 11 PRO music server. Works very well and I am happy with the results.

Also, I had positive results during the purchase process when I bought my copy of Fidelizer and have received one (free) update to the software from the developer since my purchase in 2022.


This is simply my opinion (which no one asked for...), but I feel the software adds just a touch of improvement to what I was hearing on my primary audio system (McIntosh electronics, JBL Synthesis loudspeakers, modified PC as streaming source). It was enough of an improvement that I bought the software after using the free version for months. I have no measurements or data to prove things improved; but just used my ears to make the decision to justify the use/purchase of the software.