Audiophile Headphones Wired/Wireless 4 smartphone

Hello everyone Im new to the site and I have 3 question that I beg to be answered as Im desperate and waiting on a new phone and I want some good headphones to go with it; Please address questions separately as english is not my first language so I would appreciate clarity!

#Question 1

Would be great to have a top 3 or 5 list of both wired and wireless headphones that are good value and must be>>> PHONE FRIENDLY<<< meaning I dont plan on using any amps or using them on my desktop!

The ones I have my eye on are the
Sennheiser HD 600 which seem to be the best value for money headphones there are; so I hear anyway. The HD 800 are a bit pricey unfortunately but I hear good things about them... The momentum 2.0 wireless are my second choice but Im afraid Ill lose sound quality if I go wireless :-S which leads to question nr2

#Question 2

In your educated opinion how much loss of quality is there between wired and wireless headphones? Im basically clueless about this and have no experience in good sound quality headphones as I usually used cheap ones until recently I borrowed an expensive pair of a friends of mine and realized the difference and that pushed me into finding a good pair...

#3 What smart phone would be best to go with hifi headphones? Or should I just forget the phone and buy a badass mp3 player like the AK Jr.? Or other examples you can give me of good mp3zz
Most phones will not have the ability to drive the HD600 heaphones, you really need something with some amp power.

If you're wanting to hear music in better fidelity, get something like the Fiio X3 (~$175) or X5(~300), they are built for the job and ridiculously expensive like the AK units (thousands of $).

IBasso also makes some nice, properly priced units...