Audio Research LS 2 prices

I just noticed prices for Audio Research LS 2 pre-amps seem to have gotten really high lately.  I have one of these and while I like it I'm surprised that I can sell it now for more than I bought it for (used) almost 25 years ago.  Any one else notice this, or have any idea why this is happening?

It was a great line stage however selling it today you may never so such a high price.
An LS-2 was in one of the finest systems I ever heard. I've only heard one other system (which I was luck enough to own) that sounded as remarkable (but in a different way).

You don't need to spend giant dollars if what you're after is phenomenal sound. You just need designers that know what they're doing and get lucky with synergy. 
What people are asking and getting are two different things. eBay asking prices are nuts on all vintage audio. Check actual sales completed and not asking prices. My guess if it’s a LS2 it’s $8-900 and maybe LS2B $1-1100 and it better be mint with all packaging. Wasn’t the LS2 around $3,000 and LS2B MXII might have hit $4,000? I’m sure a later model might fetch closer to $1,700 but not sure I’d go there. Was a real nice preamp in its day but there’s better today for that money and I’d take an old LS15 for the same money. Possibly you can sell it for what you paid for it used twenty five years ago but it’s really not the same in today’s dollars.