Audio Prism or Enacom line filters

I've been recommended to pursue either of these line filters to improve my system's overall performance.
What has your experience been?
Currently, I'm using Tice Audio Power Conditioners (6 outlet units)
I don't know if we're talking about the same thing, but I love Audioprism Quietlines. I have them all over my basement, and they've lowered the noise floor quite a bit. Great stuff!
I use Quietlines too to augment the Tice conditioner in my system. They aren't that expensive and well worth the investment.
I use a single Enacom line filter. It makes a very useful difference in clarity at the top end. This is noticeable either with my main system or with my budget bedroom system.

I'm told that adding another Enacom will extend the improvement down near the upper midrange, so I'm considering that. However I first want to try a mod to the AC outlet. This is the one Chris ven Haus suggests (and sells the parts for) on his Web site: "TWO .47 uF 600V Auricaps in parallel with the red lead to the hot screw and the black lead to the neutral screw".

He charges $18.99 each for these caps at his site.
Parallel filtration is always good. The Tice is a very basic (yet well constructed) filter but has no parallel filtration. It is inductor based.

The Auricaps are going to be better, IMO. A cryo'ed outlet will be the most cost effective measure, though. I recommend Porter Ports and/or ACME silver plated cryo'ed. Search Lak's posts. He's well versed in the subject and has an *excellent* power setup...

I used to have one of those Tice units and installing a $25 Highwire Wirewrap on the unit's power cord really helped smoothen things out.

With psychic power and primal intensity,
To anyone who has used or is using Enacom AC line filters.

Have you ever put large ferrite cores on them? What benefit does this provide? I saw a listing where someone had Enacom AC line filters and put these rather large ferrite cores on them. I couldn't figure out why that was done and before I could inquire the listing expired.
The Audioprisms are really not much more than a few X Caps across the line. You can easily make these yourself for about $2-3. Don't know what is in the Enacoms.

Putting X Caps across the line is also primarily what the original Hydra line conditioners were all about. Don;t know what they have in the newer models though.

What I can say is that the improvements from making this simple "tweak" are very noticeable. For instance, my wife was complaining that the fluorescent light in the laundry room was pulsing as the washer oscillated back and forth. Putting a home made Quiet Line on the outlet the washer was plugged into got rid of that visible pulse, and probably also cleaned up the AC bleeding back into the rest of the house. And that was just a visible result.

Putting them on your system will yield sonic results. I have them on any outlet where there may be strain on the line - e.g. refrigerator, washer and dryer, dehumidifier, pool filter, etc.