Audio OKC

Audio OKC Club Information:

Club Formation:

Why are we forming a club?

We are forming a club to share our love of music and learn more about music and the equipment used to Record, reproduce and enjoy it!

Mission statement:

“We exist to share our love for everything music”

Club goals:

“To share information and share the enjoyment and experience of music”

We aim to accomplish this through regular meetings in person at locations that include members residences to discuss, listen, and experience music and music related equipment. We will require no dues for membership – all interested parties are welcome.

Attendance is voluntary, there are no participation requirements to be a member of the club.

How to accomplish our club goals:

One yearly meeting will be held at a nonmember location for officer and or rule change voting. Should the need for actual club offices or positions be required in the future. We will not limit the meeting attendance, with the exception of location capacity.

Group meetings at voluntary members residences:

If you wish to attend a particular meeting you will be required to advise the host either verbally, or by email that you wish to attend. Meetings will be limited in number (chosen by the hosting member) and attendees must be invited by the hosting member for that meeting. If we have a large membership, it may be necessary to have meetings located at two or more locations depending on who wants to volunteer and how many members are asking to participate.

The reasoning behind this is that many members homes cannot support a large group of people and we cannot require Members to host every person in the general public.

If you are not invited by the host, do not attend.

*Please note: this is a volunteer club and the meeting hosts have final say in who and how many they can handle if the choose to open their house or business to us. Please be courteous to any hosts, If you are rude or act inappropriately, you will probably not be invited back to their home. Please do not allow feelings on other topics (ie) religion, politics, race, income, or other such nonsense to get the better of you.

A group email will be sent out to all members notifying them of meetings or any other matters that may come up. If you do not have email we will see if there is another method to get you information.

When a hosts meeting is full, hosts should send an email to the club coordinator and they will send an email notification out to the whole group. At such time, If another member wishes to host another meeting during that month, they may inform the group.

Meeting cancelation:

Should the unforeseen happen to any of our hosts and they are not able to hold the meeting at the predetermined time. They should notify the Club Coordinator, and a group message will be sent out about the cancellation.

New membership:

If you wish to be included as a new member, the following information should be sent to Audio OKC via messenger or email.






If your email or other information changes, please contact the club coordinator.

If you wish to host a meet up. Please check out the Host meet up Form on the Facebook Page.

Thanks Audio OKC

email: mark@ Capital Aviation .com


Well you certainly have the rules and procedures. Now all you need are the people to follow them. 

We have about six persons joined to date and two that are interested in Hosting a meet up already.  I will post more information as I get it.

thanks !