ATC SCM 7 V 3 Review

Just installed used ATC 7 monitors in a casita setting.  Near to mid-field listening arrangement.  What follows is not revelatory, but rather confirmation of known positive perceptions of the brand.

iPod classic, Arcam Dock to an Audio Sector DAC 1, older Sugden A21SE, Decware speaker cable, 32" stands.  Monitors set on Herbies Fat Dots.  By any measure, modest all used components system.  Some pieces a bit long in the tooth.

The ATCs thrive in this small system with controlled dynamics, imaging and solid sound staging.  Welcome to a sealed cabinet design.  

With only a 5" mid-bass, one would assume lightness in the bass region and be completely wrong.  Class A amplification exercises great control over the mid-bass.  While not thunderous, certainly robust and plentiful.  

Of course the midrange is where these live in spades, but sill well balanced throughout the frequencies.  In this installment they can get really loud.

Proof again, when done right, substantially solid reproduction can be had for very moderate investment.

Demo pieces:  Brian Bromberg, Wood "The Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers"   The Famous Sound of Three Blind Mice XRCD, Isao Suzuki Quartet "Aqua Marine" Patricia Barber, Cafe' Blue FIM "Inch Worm"



HI Celtic

Very nicely written and you understand this speaker perfectly. Not many do but its a gem in ATC’s line up. Years ago I used to demo the SCM7 by putting it on a larger speaker, like a SCM40 3 way floor stander, at shows. Id play the SCM7 and people would ask how much for the floor standers, thinking that’s what was playing since they sound so good.. It was always fun to tell them "no, its the little ones!"

The SCM 7 was a project by Billy Woodman (ATC founder chief engineer) to build statement speaker that "defined" British Hi FI: extreme fidelity in the smallest package possible and not deliberately roll off bass. The expeince of Billy was tthe LS3/5 era, and in fact he worked for Goodman’s Loudsaker company in England during the time when they were one of the three factories building LS3/5a’s for the BBC under license. The little LF driver in the SCM7 is massive, and is tested at 7Hz, 20V. You can see this test in the factory tour we shot on visit to ATC many years ago. Ben was holding up this little driver toward the end of the tour video, in the transducer build room.