Aric Audio

I have a pair of Audio Note AN-K/SPe speakers which have been pushed by a Pass XA 30.8 for the past two years. Although I've enjoyed this combination I wanted to try valve amplification. The problem was finding something appropriate to pair at a price point I could afford. The goal was to obtain something while still hanging on to the Pass until I knew for sure which direction I wanted to go in. Enter Aric Kimball. He and I engaged in several conversations regarding my needs and spec options for an amp. As a result Aric produced a custom single ended EL-84 stereo power amplifier of a pentode design. Each channel has a single power tube and driver tube (12AT-7's). Rectification is provided by a single 54UGB tube. I couldn't be happier and feel this is an improved pairing for my speakers.Through this process Aric's communication was timely and precise. His level of customer service is outstanding and I'm very pleased with this outcome. I would not hesitate doing business with this man. Just wanted to pass this along.



Do you have the Transcend MM phono stage? I been eyeballing it for a while now.

Not sure it would be an upgrade or lateral move compared to the Modwright PH9.0.

I just took delivery of a Super 300B amp yesterday and I’m very pleased. This is my third Aric amp, but the first one I’ve  bought new. Aric is a class act and I can’t say enough about his quality of work and customer service.

I can only join the choir singing praises for Aric. Happy owner of Super 2A3 SET for little more than 3 years now. I have yet to consider looking anywhere else for another amp. Feed it from a passive Slagle autoformer preamp, audio bliss.


what speakers are you using with the 2A3 and in what size room? I'm wanting to get one but am not sure if they would do 93-95 db.

I have the Motherlode XL and the Super KT Parallel monoblocks and couldn't be happier.  They replaced some expensive solid-state Class A amps and matching preamp.  


Aric is wonderful to work with and gets excited about building new things for his clients.  Both my preamp and amps were new products Aric developed for me and is now offering on his website.  His communication, patience, and desire to build the very best product he can are among the best I have encountered.  

Taken together, the Aric Audio components produce an engaging, dynamic, realistic, and human sound.  Plus the build quality is excellent.