Are there any active DC area audio groups/clubs/etc ? (I am in Reston)

Hiya -- maybe I saw you at DC CAP Audio Fest last week...

Are there any active groups here in the area? I've been searching the listings here for a DC area audio "group", but have not seen any current traffic on the forums. 

best -- vic w.
Tube-based Rogue, Raven and Ayon integrated amps. Lots of Parasound and PS Audio gear. Vinyl, high-res digital and Mac-based server w/Plex. 
John Gatski called me a few months ago to brainstorm around his plans for trying to get an audio group going in the DC area, with assistance from Gary Gill, the Cap Fest organizer. You can reach out to John via and perhaps they’ve got things moving on that.

President, Philadelphia Area Audio Group

The first meeting of DC audio club is scheduled for Sat. Oct . 15.

Contact John Gatski for more info.

The following is copied directly from that website (SUBJECT TO CHANGE THERE!):
Washington, DC — Introducing a membership organization for like-minded, high-quality audio enthusiasts in the DC-MD-VA region. Newly formed by longtime audiophile/pro audio equipment reviewer (and Everything Audio Network Publisher) John Gatski, the DC Hi-Fi Group was created for those who are passionate about high-end audio equipment and the best quality in music playback. The DC Hi-Fi Group members are serious hobbyists and audio obsessives who focus on audiophile stereo/surround gear, hi-resolution streaming/playback, premium vinyl playback and home-recording.
  “I have lived and worked in the Washington, DC area since the 1980’s and have met a lot of fellow audiophiles,” Gatski said. “I thought it would be appropriate to have an organization for like-minded audio people from our area — to get together and champion the cause of hi-fi gear and high-quality music.”
  The DC Hi-Fi Group will hold regular events including monthly meetings/listening sessions, manufacturer/dealer demonstrations, featured audio-related speakers and attendance at live music concerts. The DC Hi-Fi Group will also hold summer and winter get-togethers, as well as receive special invitations to audio trade shows.
  The DC Hi-Fi Group will begin its monthly meetings this Fall. The annual member dues for individuals are $80. For more information, contact John Gatski at Click here to visit the DC Hi-Fi Group Facebook page.