Are dimmable LEDs the least noisy dimmable type lighting for a music room

I have the opportunity to completely rewire my music room (sheetrock is gone).  Considering putting in 7 or 8 LED high hats in the ceiling and several LED sconces along the walls, all dimmable of course.  I know that florescent lighting ballasts can cause noise. Dimmers can cause noise as well.  Does anyone have experience, good or bad, with dimmable LED lighting in an audio only room or a home theater?  Thank you.
To reduce the possibility of noise (or increase the possibility of no noise):
1. Only buy compatible products -- dimmer switch, driver and lights from one manufacturer;
2. Place the the dimmer circuit on it’s own circuit. If you cannot, next best is to tap into a circuit with no motors, kitchen appliances or outlets feeding computers, modems, tv’s etc.

I have the old fashioned incandescent dimmers in my listening room and they are on their own circuit, which is the reason I kept them. Dead quiet.
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The lights themselves will squeal if the is a mismatch. I have LEDs in the room on 2 other circuits that add zero line noise.
The one lamp that is plugged into the audio circuit added a little noise until I put a ferrite clamp on it, ala Russ Andrews.

All led. No difference in line noise (none).
I have dimmable recessed in one room, quiet. The one in a lamp was really loud. Changed the dimmer, much better, still audible.
Thanks for the responses, electrician is on the way today. Spoke with him earlier and he tells me that he's aware of the issue and remedies. 

I don't know about your intended fixtures.

Many years ago, when these were new, in conference rooms, other spaces, we used a remote transformer large enough for a chain of fixtures with the lamp only. then no noise in the room.

the wire sizes varied depending on the number of fixtures, often quite large. Code: like any junction box, access to the transformer needed to be maintained,

later they started making lamps with integral ballasts, transformers, 

like anything else, ballasts and dimmers come good/better/best, more/less/no perceptible noise