We just picked up an Apple Tv to hook into our plasma. We have an HDMI cord for this.

To use this with audio and stream your iTunes, do you have use the toslink? We have a NAD integrated amp and Vandersteen 2CE Signatures also in this system.

If so, what is a good quality connector for this purpose? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
Herman is right for stereo to your NAD.

I use it that way with a Sony TV, with great results.

Toslink out will also give stereo and maybe multichannel in the future with Apple TV. Toslink multichannel is mainly now for DVD an Blueray players.

If your TV has audio out you may be able to use that to feed the NAD..

Apple TV - HDMI - Plasma - Audio output - NAD

Other than that the only other output from the Apple is toslink so if the NAD can take that it would be the simplest. If needed there are boxes that will convert toslink to analog or other forms of digital.