Apple Remote App

A new apple remote, (version 4.0) was released today and it has corrected all the glitches associated with IOS 7 and Itunes 11.1.

Album art is also much improved. If you were experiencing any issues with this application, ( I use it with an I-Pad, Mini-Mac, and the Ayre QB-9 as well as the Pure Music software package).

A very nice improvement over the previous version.
Ag insider logo xs@2xmattkimb96
Thanks for the heads up. Updating now but my remote worked good even before. I just got a new Mac Book Pro and I am so happy to be back on my Audirvana with integer mode. I was using my Windows8 Lenovo for a while as I awaited the release of the new Mac stuff so I tried every Windows player out there but NONE of them can compare to Audirvana on Mac!