Anyone try the Fosgate Fozgometer Azimuth meter?

I'm interested in knowing how it worked, ease of use, accuracy, etc. Thanks.
Yes- my dealer brought one over to set up my new cartridge and I used it. It worked wonderfully. Takes less than 2 minutes and is very easy to use. The dealer actually discovered a channel imbalance problem in a well-respected cartridge as a result of using the Fozgometer. Takes away all the guesswork.
Did you hear any improvement in sound? If so, what kind of improvement? Thank you!
Interesting tool. I wonder - does it take into account any generic imbalance in output between the two coils of the cartridge ?
The name makes it sound farcical.
If it doesn’t account for phase it wouldn’t be very effective. The azimuth angle at which channel separation is maximal is not always the angle at which phase is optimal. If these did not coincide I think it would be preferable to select the azimuth angle for phase optimizaton as the ear would be far more sensitive to phase error.
Get the Feickert Adjust+ tools if you intend to optimize azimuth angle. It records measurements and plots results, and it is useful for other setup tasks as well.
I am also very sceptical on this kind of product. Also the way they are distribuiting this product makes me wondering. I looks like they are following a marketing strategy á la Apple or in the beginning they did not believe that many people would ask for this maybe simple way of Azimuth testing. I use Adjust + and I am sure it is more precise.

music direct is selling this product and they do not sell it internationally because they are obeying restrictions from the manufacturers they are telling. They also say they were not able to negotiate it. I asked them if it is their future policy stopping international sales? Waiting for an answer.
Whirlyvinyl: I am curious as to when or why phase or xtalk wouldn't be the same. On the Feikert site, it shown them to coincide.
I got one yesterday after waiting 6 weeks or so. Don't know how it works exactly or whether it's the most precise way to adjust azimuth but I like the results. Used it on two cartridges and both sounded better after the Foz. Took all of 5 minutes.
I am curiosly watching this product since 6 weeks too. I have always felt that when anybody tries to control the market (ie tell the consumers where to buy) then they will limit there potential, frustrate buyers etc....but it also means that they need to manage all those agreements instead of taking care of clients and developping new products.
If we like it or not this world is global, some fight against it others work with it.
The Fozgometer is maybe a good example of the remaining few people fighting against it.
i bought one and had great results fast. it is much better than my wally tool which needed to be read off the amp speaker terminals which us crazy because going thru the entire system caused error not incured when measuring off the phono cable. the sound on my koetsu popped into focus very nicely.
you may try the UNIprotractor. You will reach much more precision and better results than with the wally or the Fozzgometer. There is a thread about the UNIpro on Audiogon. But it is quite an investment and makes only sense if you have a few tonearms or carts.

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