Anyone tried the Denafrips CD transport?

I am currently using a Cambridge CXC transport and believe it to be a high value product at $600 retail. That said I am interested in the Denafrips transport as I could move the CXC to my secondary system. I am using a Audio Mirror Tubadour III DAC.
I currently have a CXC and waiting on the delivery of the Denafrips transport. I finally pulled the trigger on a new transport. I've been itching to upgrade my cxc for a long time. Don't get me wrong, I love my cxc. Had it for the last 4 years. But I think it's time to step it up a bit. Been eyeing the Jay's for the last couple of years now. But never wanted to spend over $2k for one. I don't have any magical dac, so I'll be hooking it up with the digital coaxial straight to my xmc-2. Which imo sound great with Dirac. I have always wanted to get a dac but I don't want to lose Dirac. 
Panasonicst, I am very interested on your thought once you have spent time with the new transport. 
It will be a while as the Avatar uses elna silmic ii caps which will take 200+ hrs of burn. Excellent caps though. When I was into headfi mods, forum members were a huge fan of these caps.
Thanks for the update. Looking forward to your thoughts as the Avatar breaks in.
@panasonicst60, how about an update on the Avatar? Is it all that you had hoped for? Surely it has broken in by now.