Anyone paired BAT 51se with solid state amp?

I'm thinking of pairing a BAT 51se with Levinson 436 monoblocks. Has anyone had experience with pairing a BAT 51se pre-amp with solid state amplification? Anyone paired a tube pre-amp with solid state amplification? Are there any problems inherent in pairing tubes with solid state? Looking for input. Thanks.
I have no experience with the 51se but have had 3,3i,30. I have paired them with vk60 and vk200. The results have always been good. If your speakers need the solidstate muscle, I would not hesitate in buying ss. Many say you get the best of both worlds with tube pre and solid amp. Surely the 436 monos are capable of driving difficult loads.
Might look into the Mac pre's and the Cary SLP98, the 51 has more features though. The SE used might even be a better choice.

Just more things to clutter up your mind and confuse you.

A fellow A'goner, Beemer, has used a 50se with Levinson amps with great success. The output impedance on the 51 and 50 is the same so I bet it'll sound wonderful. I'm currently using a 50se with a pair of Classe SS amps. Yeah, tube pre and SS amps can sound very well indeed!
Ive indeed partnered with the ML 436 for some time.
Great combination ! the control and soundstage are up to the very best combined with the VK-51Se.
very recommended.
Have had many great amps partnered, the 346 was very lucky.
in the end i found the ML a bit business like as for sound.

Have VK-75Se now..

peace of mind my friend, peace of mind.
Have VK-75Se now.
Can you comment further? I have a 50SE and am thinking of pairing it with the 75.