Anyone heard of Soundstring cable?

I am very interested in this product has anyone heard the i/c's and speaker cable? They had a great review from an audio magazine.
They were used in the Harbeth/Plinius room @ CES, among others.

A rather new player in the market, I think.

Unique wooden-body RCA plugs, from what I could see.

They have a very good review at positive feedback.
I am also interested to hear them.I think Tok
2000 is the one who mentioned them to me. They said
their power cord performance will equal the Kimber
I have a balanced set of Soundstrings. I really like them. They sound similar to the several ICs that use very thin conductors, eg. Luminous Synchestra, Stealth PGS, but without the warm glow and softness that the likes of the PGS have. On some ss gear I have heard some complain that the sound can go a bit flat and harden, but I suspect it is just being truthful. The only reason I hesitate to be too definitive is that I have only tried it in one spot in one of my systems, and have not tried any other cables in that particular spot. But it has been ideal for me. My guess so far is that it is up there with the better USD300-500 ICs and is very neutral, dynamic, has a large soundstage and very good detail retrieval. But it might veer to the analytical in some solid state systems.
i heard the soundstring cables in 2 rooms at the ces show in 2 alon systems. alons are pretty revealing speakers and show all.

the sound was pretty incredible...worth investigating and auditioning.

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I own one of their powercords. Since I feel that cables of all sorts are very system dependant, I would prefer not to comment here. If you want to email me with questions, I will do my best to answer.

I put recently (2 months ago) Soundstring cables on some of my gears:
I find these cables smooth with details, not harsh, the sound is accurate,dynamic and warm, voices are very good to listen,cymbals and guitars too.
Ics XLR between Krell SBP-64X processor and McIntosh C40 preamp, power cord on McIntosh Mc300 amp, speaker cable for B&W801 S3.
Soundstring speaker cable replace the Audioquest Volcano, Ics replace the AQ Python and power cord took place of the Synergistic Research Master coupler itself replacing NBS Signature.
It is not common that a brand is good for Ic,Speaker cable and Power cord like this. Unfortunately, unknown by most of the audiophiles. I had these cables for a try ; visually they are not very attractive but after listening I decide to keep them .