anyone hear the Integra 60.5?

I want to upgrade my HT processor. I presently use a Marantz 7005, which works ok. I am hoping to get 4k passthru to match with my new Oppo 105d, and get a bit better clarity from center channel to assist with dialogue from movies and Directv. The new AVguide reviewed the Integra 60.5, found it feature rich, but slammed it for poor sound. The same on line reviews liked the Marantz 8003 for sound and features. Marantz will be coming out end of year with new 8000 series with the new 'highth' source, and 11.2, which means the current unit may go for a more reasonable cost. I only need 7.2 processor. Don't want to spend the
$6500 for the Krell. Please suggest options for quality new HT processor that allows 4k, mult hdmi in, 2 hdmi out, balanced out, zone 2, etc and is less than $3k. Thanks
Mribob, I have an Integra DTR-60.5 that I enjoy quite a bit, I found the sound quality to quite good.

However, financial difficulties force a sale. If you are still considering the Integra I could make you a swell deal on a virtually perfect unit with very low hours...

Best Wishes,

Oh, and sorry to have missed answering your main question, my apologies. You should probably take a look at the Emotiva XMC-1 prepro at $1999, available now. It is a feature-rich prepro with very good sound quality and a 5 year warranty. Check the links provided below for more info...