Anyone compare Mcintosh MC2102 to new Mcintosh SS?

I have a Mcintosh MC2102 amp and with no AC here in the Bay area this summer has been brutal with the tube amp running. It's caused me to consider a Mcintosh SS amp, but I'd like to solicit other's opinions on how the Mcintosh SS and tube amps compare, from the recent vintages. I love the MC 2102; can I also love an SS amp? I have the tubed C2200 preamp plus a tubed Audio Note DAC. My speakers are fairly efficient. Any thoughts? Thanks.
the mac 402 and 602 match nicely with the 2200 pre and although each is a tad less warm, they more than make up for it with more bass control and detail. the 2102 is one of the best tube amps ever made, but i finally settled on the 602 to use every day and it operates cool.
I used a mac 352 with my speakers (Magnepan 3.6) before switching to a 2102. Is the 2102 audibly better in my system? Yes. Is it _miles_ better? No. Does the 2102 run hotter? Much.

Have fun.

Your 2102 is one of the best in my book. I settled for the 352 The "402 & 602" was just out of my budget at the time. I did go with the C2200. I get that SS hard drive from the amp and the sweet, warm, sound from the pre. Both run cool, and they are driven a minimum of 3 hours every evening.
P.S. I have since thrown the budget out the window and my next up grade will be the Mac: mono blocks.
Sounds like it's a tradeoff with no losers. My system runs for hours on end too and the "little heater" causes me some grief, but I just love it too much, especially with acoustic instruments. It sounds so darn natural. Fall's here anyway so i can put this decision off. When the kids come the answer may be more obvious. I'm glad Mcintosh is back on top and doing good work!