Anyone bought a Gryphon Diablo 333?

Anyone expecting one soon or received theirs?

My biggest question is, does the Diablo 333 have a slightly dark, rich, bassy tone to it, like the Diablo 300 and the Antileon Evo? Or is it the more neutral “Essence” sound?



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Well I'm all ears for reviews & owner impressions. I have a Boulder 866 and the Diablo 333 is quite intriguing at this point.

Yeah as I mentioned, I really can’t wait to see how Gryphon voiced it, as they are a somewhat unique brand that has a couple of different “house sounds”.  I expect it will be great performance wise and better the Diablo 300 which is what I currently have, but if they voice it slightly dark, then the chances one will end up on my rack are quite high….

I’ve just learned that Gryphon no longer has any Diablo 300’s and is not making any more.  Demand for the remaining Diablo 300’s skyrocketed when they announced the 333 earlier in the year. I expect Diablo 300’s will be sold and bought like hotcakes on the second hand market over the coming year.



I have a 300 and unless the performance were substantially better, which is hard to do given how good the 300 is, I can't see myself upgrading. I got my 300 for $18K CAD new in 2022 just before the last price increase. A new 333 in my neck of the woods is around $30K CAD. 

I imagine used 300s will soon pop up for sale as some owners upgrade, if some can be had for under $15K, they'd be a no brainer as there is no integrated you can buy new for that money that comes close IME.