Anyone bought a Gryphon Diablo 333?

Anyone expecting one soon or received theirs?

My biggest question is, does the Diablo 333 have a slightly dark, rich, bassy tone to it, like the Diablo 300 and the Antileon Evo? Or is it the more neutral “Essence” sound?




I'm not 100% sure they've started shipping the 333 out yet. Probably very soon though.

@kgturner, two weeks ago one person in another forum said they had received  theirs (they said they were the first).  They noted it sounded good but was verging towards slightly harsh up top with their KEF Blade 2’s.  But that was fresh out of the box. They have not responded to follow up questions from others or made any comment since then….

@nyev Interesting, thank you for sharing. Do you mind sharing which forum that is so I can also follow?

Thank you.