Any opinions on VAC preamps?

I see a VAC Standard pre for sale on here but I can't find any reviews on it or other VAC preamps out here. There seems to be plenty written about their amps, but not much about their pre's. Anybody have any comments or experiences?
I have had the VAC Standard Pre for about 6 months and give it the utmost praise. I have never heard a sweeter pre for under $5000. I am using the Pre to drive an Anthem AMP2 and B&W CDM7NT. The sound is very lush, but detailed, nothing harsh or shrill. I had a Proceed Pre before I got the VAC and there couldn't be any more difference in sound.
VAC has about the best build quality and finish I have seen. And for one on one conversation about any info on VAC products, Kevin Hayes is very personable. VAC owners are really treated like one of the family.
I'm saving my pennies now for a VAC PA100/100 amp.
Hope this helps.
i have vac renaissance sig. preamp.i think this one is really one of the very best tube pre. ever made.
I am listening to a VAC Renaissance Preamplifier with the Renaissance phono stage. The phono accommodates either MM or MC cartridges. I prefer the VAC to my former Pass Xono/Conrad Johnson 16LS combination.

I cannot account for the fact that the VAC preamps have not received more press. I find the sound of the VAC Renaissance Preamp to be absolutely first class. The build quality seems to be way over the top. Finally, Kevin Hayes and VAC do everything to make working with them a true pleasure.

As audiophiles, we all have a tendency to buy what has been well-reviewed so that we can turn around and sell that piece into a market that has been conditioned by the magazines. We are somewhat less inclined to make up our minds for ourselves. I am guilty of this transgression but, in this case, went out and got the VAC for myself. I tried it in my system and liked it a whole lot.

Don't let the lack of press fool you; the VAC preamps are terrific. Try one.