Any Love for Magico S5 Original Version?

Starting to starting to see these on the used market at interesting price points. Yeah, I know the mk2 variants are the hot ticket but their pricing also reflects that fact. The originals were well respected in the day, just wondering if they should be on my upgrade horizon? Thx
Crickets? I had expected several responses by now on how the version 2s were the only one to consider because they smoked the originals and were worth the extra cost over v1s. The other half I expected to tell me to look at other speakers that smoked the v1, v2 and all Magicos. Colour me disappointed.
Thanks for this, made me smile and laugh a little.  You seem to post a question that you knew what the responses would be.  I guess the questions is, why?  Not trying to be a smart a**.  
Actually, I was hoping to get actual responses to what I thought was a fairly straight forward question. I was willing to put up with the two camps’ distraction answers but I thought someone, somewhere must still be using the v1 and happy with them. They were (naturally) well reviewed back in the day. 🤔
IIRC, one of my clients had an original pair of S3 speakers (from some other dealer, not from me) and was very happy with them. I’m pretty sure they were the original model but I could be mistaken.

People’s budgets are people’s budgets, so it all depends on what someone can afford and what the cost difference is worth compared to other plans, expenses, or luxuries.
The original S5s are really excellent speakers.They just need matching with the right preamp and power amp to bring them to life and open them up .Otherwise they can sound a bit too dry and constrained.They work beautifully with Supratek preamps which do all that.
Thanks jtgofish. Not familiar with the Supratek stuff -will have to look it up. I assume a tube preamp is the way to go with these speakers? 
From what I have heard yes a tube preamp and good high current SS power amp.That combination certainly sounded better than an all SS system despite the SS preamps being far more expensive.