Any great places to hear speakers in Vegas?

I will be traveling to Las Vegas and Atlanta in the next few weeks. Anyone know of great audiophile friendly stores in these two cities to audition speakers?
Despite the national image, non-strip Vegas is a one-horse town that caters pretty much to the Wal-Mart crowd.
While there are contractors who do work for the (few) gentry, I haven't seen any plush audio parlours.
The dealers who are here mostly show "by appointment only" so do your homework before you come.
I'd suggest going to web-sites of speakers-of-interest and finding their dealer here.
A heads-up: Vegas has the dumbest drivers on the face of the earth (typically see half-a-dozen accidents per week; rear-enders are the specialty) so BEWARE!!!!
Tweeter store is open: 8950 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV
(800) TWE-ETER

Martin Logan, Sonus Faber and Krell were speakers they had. It was about year ago, so give them a call about their current lines.

Despite what dweller said, check Vegas restaurants, some of the best in the world.
I go to Vegas alot. Have taught 35 workshops to help people learn to play dice. The food and shows are superb. But indeed I do not venture off strip very much. Thanks I will check Tweeters becuase I want to hear the Krell Res 2. If anyone wants to hear B&O at their best, the Fashion Show Mall in Vegas has a great listening room.
More possibilities:

Ultimate Electronics:
Mostly TVs but carries KEF speakers. Located at Rainbow and Alta (west side).

Magnolia Audio:
Best Buys attempt at high end home theater.
Located inside Best Buy store at Rainbow and Lake Mead (north of Ultimate Electronics).

Sony Superstore:
Located in the Forum shops at Ceasars Palace.
Don't know what Sony is doing with speakers these days but may be worth a look.

Charlston at Rampart
Look out for that perky concierge!
If you are here after April 17th, check out the new Red Rock Resort (owned by Station Casinos) just a few miles west of Tweeters on Charlston.
Reported to have cost $900 mil.

Thanks ElDragon and Dweller for taking time to respond. I will check these out. I am very surprised that there not any ultimate listening stores, given high rollers and hosting the CES.