Any feedback on how good the Marantz SA-11 is?

Interested in finding out if anyone has heard this player which was reviewed by TAS's Robert Harley? I am currently using a modified Philips 1000 with transformer outputs and find the next closest sound to what I am used to hearing is probably the Marantz.

Those of you that have this player do you agree with the TAS review? I find it hard to believe that a player like this is not discussed anywhere.



Sorry for my apparent lack of awareness that this has been debated on this forum. Could you point me to that discussion?

The current TAS issue raised some thoughts about the sound. In my discussions with a friend who owns one he says the sound is very forward and that it has tremendous PRAT. Pace, rythm and timing I like very much but not the upfront sound.

Maybe the SA-14 is a better choice but it may have been discontinued.

I am just curious to get some sort of consensus since Robert Harley likes it.