Any cheap tweaks for cheap turntable?

Hi A few days ago I found a package deal of 2 Stanton str8-30 'tables and a mixer for $100 cash. Obviously it is a beginner DJ system. Because my Dual 1237 is in the shop and might never get out, I jumped on it. I hooked it all up once with the mixer's preamps and once with the trusty radio shack. It sounded ok as I haven't listened to lp's for years. I'm just wondering if there is anything I can do to upgrade this cheaply as I would just get a lot better TT if I wanted to spend much more money. I only have about 50 albums that are not on cd so this isn't the start of something big. I'm considering getting one of those things that let me record my albums on the computer so I'm not going use this TT a long time. So if there is anyone out there who has gone through the same thing, what would you suggest?
Buy a couple of TT/Stylus tools, a stylus pressure gauge and an alignment protractor to get the basic adjustments back in line. Very important.
Add play clay, the type that stays soft, to the inside of the plinth, to dampen vibrations in it.
Add better audio connections and wires to the amp. Maybe a better power cord and plug.
Then put TT on a heavy stone slab you pick up at the stone yard where they make kitchen counters. Kills vibrations
BTW: Don't get the all-in-one TTs that record to the computer. By a used DAC for the same money.
Hope this helps.
No offense, but that is a really rotten turntable and I'm not even sure it's suitable for your purpose. Some DJ decks have short arms designed for scratching and they can potentially damage your LPs when used with a hi-fi cartridge.

The other issue is, sound quality is going to be horrid. Now, if you're archiving your LPs to CD you're going to want to do it once and do it right.

My advice? Spring $395 for something like the complete Rega P1 package. When you're done archiving your LPs, turn around and sell it on A'gon for $295. Or better yet, find someone already selling a used one. The Music Hall MMF-2 and Pro-Ject Debut are also in the same price range and very serviceable.
07-30-08: Ekobesky
No offense, but that is a really rotten turntable and I'm not even sure it's suitable for your purpose. Some DJ decks have short arms designed for scratching and they can potentially damage your LPs when used with a hi-fi cartridge.
And any Stanton with "STR8" (straight, get it?) in its name has one of these stubby groove-munching tonearms.

Best advice: flip these 'tables ASAP before any good vinyl gets hurt.
Thanks guys. Aadi- I appreciate all your suggestions but most of those are beyond me. I will probably try some of them. The rest of youn's guys- I kinda thought you would say that. I know this is a piece of junk. But my albums are about 30 years old and were stored in a garage in Albuquerque where it gets in the 100's in the summer. They have been abused by roommates and really bad TT's. Pretty much just rock-n-roll. This is their last chance before I get rid of them. So I'm thinking of using it once and selling the package to some kid who wants to be a DJ some day. Getting a good one and reselling it is also an idea. I'd just have to come up with the cash. Thanks again all. Dan

I agree, except that the single alternative response that you got was to buy a turntable that cost four times what you have spent up to this point. There may be a better player than the Rega that can be had for the same $100 that the Stanton stuff cost you. A Dual 1019 is very musical for the price, tracks well with typical moving magnets, and is reliable. It's worth a look-see, I believe. I also believe it will outperform the Rega. (I own both a Rega and a 1019.) You may also be able to pick up a used lower-level Denon for slightly more, too. Your Dual 1237 may be in the shop, but there is a lot of used stuff around that will serve the purpose for very little money. A Thorens TD150, maybe?
Believe me, neither Ed nor I are extremist cork-sniffers. In fact, a few years ago Ed stood alone in high end audio journalism advocating for the virtues of the audiophile-snubbed Technics SL1200 mkII.

But a DJ table with a stubby tonearm is another matter. A tonearm that short with no tracking angle compensation could ruin the playability of your LPs (no matter what they've been through up to now) with one play.

Another alternative would be to get this turntable. It's inexpensive, extremely durable, won't wreck your records, has a built-in phono preamp and comes with a USB interface to digitize your LPs, and since most places sell this same turntable *without* the USB interface for $300-350, you could probably recoup almost your entire expenditure when you sell it.
Johnnyb53- Thanks If I can dump this package for what I paid for it, I might go for your suggestion. The problem right now is I'm looking at buying a dac and then a tuner preamp and my available funds are disappearing quickly. So it depends upon a lot. But thanks so far for all the info. Dan
How good of a DAC and tuner/preamp are you looking for? I see used Adcom GTP-350's (a tuner/preamp) every once in awhile for less than $60. How do you plan to use the DAC?
Hey Johnny This is all for my office system. I have a dish DVR, home computer, and a Sony 200 disc cd player. I'm looking for a dac to basically consolidate those three plus improve the sonics of the cd player. I also have an analog tuner. The tuner preamp would give me a remote control on the tuner. My current pre is one of those Chase romote things. Speakers are Maggie mg-1's and amp is a Carver tmf 35. I'm looking at one of those usb dacs at Pacific Valve. I'm also looking at an older tuner-preamp-processor that has basic video switching because I have a 27" tv with only one rca input. Maybe the Rotel RTC 970 or something like that. It is all up in the air right now depending upon available funds and what I see for sale. The order of what I buy is not that important. So I'm willing to wait for the best deal at the time. I''m really just trying to increase the space on my desk with sonics and price in mind.