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Need recommendations on phono amp upgrade
The Emia is 6K, and worth a listen. 
looking at upgrading my tonearm from a triplanar
The Schröder LT (linear track) tonearm is one worth some very serious consideration. You are likely to hear improved resolution in the lower registers. 
Miyajima MADAKE experience
We used a 9.4" Schröder Reference SQ. If my memory serves me, it is 16 grams effective mass. 
Miyajima MADAKE experience
We had a room at RMAF a couple of years ago, and we used the Kansui. The room was exceedingly well received, no doubt in part to the credit of the Miyajima. 
SP10mk2: OMA Graphite plinth vs.Dobbins plinth
A friend of mine is doing this one. 
Upgrade from TW Acustic Raven AC-3 to what?
Alec,As you know, there are those who constantly tweak to a fanatic point. Those guys try everything a manufacturer has to offer, and Raven owners are no exception. I know several of them, and from what I can gather they all disagree on the merits... 
Miyajima Kansui vs Dynavector XV-1S
David,Your findings are interesting because we showed at RMAF a couple of years ago with a setup that included the Kansui, and that room was extremely well received. So much so that three reviewers picked it as their favorite room. Maybe it's the ... 
Miyajima Kansui vs Dynavector XV-1S
I find the Kansui to be more natural, and perhaps more accurate. The Dynavector, on the other hand, is more lively and fun. I could live with either, but in a pinch I would probably pick the Kansui because I believe it is truer to the music.. 
Garrard 301 restoration
I know both guys, and each is a craftsmen who is serious about his work. Both stand behind what they do. 
Anti-skating- test records vs. ears
Stringreen said, "Mosin....I wonder if you increased the vtf by a bit, if you would come up with the same results."No, I didn't. I tried that, but the only way to obtain a proper wave for each channel was by adjusting the antiskate. One thing to c... 
Anti-skating- test records vs. ears
Here's a way I discovered by accident that should satisfy even the most OCD among us. First, the story...My brother-in-law wanted me to rip some albums for him. After seeing their condition, I knew that using my best equipment was out of the quest... 
Turntable Bearings
$1300 for a Linn bearing? Are you sure? Anyway, I have an NOS one around here someplace. The question is where?In any event, replacing the bearing may not be your only course of action. If possible, replace only the ball. I cannot remember if it i... 
Has anyone had trouble with speed on their tt
Correct, Tony. Except... System inertia is key here, and certainly not platter flywheel effect like some turntable designers would have you think. I like high mass platters, but where the mass is located is critical, in my opinion. If properly don... 
Has anyone had trouble with speed on their tt
Read Doug Deacon's last post again. He gets it.Zavato said, "stick with a design that has an AC synchronous motor and a platter heavy enough to have some flywheel effect."I could not disagree more. Flywheel effect caused by the platter is the reas... 
Has anyone had trouble with speed on their tt
Drubin,It's a vicious circle. We have yet to define speed stability. There seem to be various camps when it comes to the finer points of that definition. I'll say this much; I believe it is a relatively narrow field.