Any Belles A owners/knowers out there?

Years ago I was smitten with the sound of David Belles's first amp, the Belles A. Finally found one a couple of years ago. I'd like to talk with anyone who has/had/or knows of the Belles A.
i once owned a belles. around 1987 maybe....forget the model...but it looked like a toaster. the transformer was mounted on the wall..not the sounded incredible. used with a magus pre and was in heaven....naturally i ditched em for an pre/amp combo that cost many times more, but wasn't in their league.
I have had the Belles one along with the Belles DMC preamp since 1985. Very nice sounding amp.
I have the Belles ii power amp and DMM preamp! the pre is ClassA and both sound great!
I've never owned one but am now regretting passing up one a few years back. With that in mind, I think they are horrible amps and no one should buy one should one come up for sale ;)
Still have my Model 1 that I purchased new in 1985. Unmolested and it works perfectly. Don't see many come up for sale, but I'd have to consider it one of the best values in 100 watt stereo amplifiers ever made.