Anthem D2 and headphones

I just bought an Anthem D2---it has not yet arrived---question:

Does the internal pre/amp headphone jack have enough power to service a really good set of headphones?

Do I need a headphone amp?.......
Depends on what headphones you have. Some are much easier to drive than others.
I'm not sure what you consider a really good set of headphones or a difficult set to drive, but I have Beyerdynamic dt880 cans, which supposedly fit both criteria. I also have an Anthem AVM 30 and can use its headphone jack to drive these cans with more than enough volume (without having to turn the Anthem's volume way up, like I do when using my CDP's headphone jack) - and the sound is extremely good IMHO. So, don't buy a separate headphone amp until you first try the D2. Enjoy!
Thanks. I was looking into GRADO but I don't really see the need for a headphone amp. I will first get the D2 and continue soliciting advice.
I have an opportunity to purchase this AA amp locally at a very good price. Do you think that this is a much better sounding amp than what I have now: Audio Research d125? I am worried about purchasing An AA product because of all the customer service nightmares that I have heard. Also, they aren't making amps any more so, I have a concern about future parts availability as well. Please advise if you think that the sound quality of this amp may be worth all of these risks. Thanks!