Andy Kim at Needle Clinic saves the day!

I had less than 50 hours on a brand new Denon 301 mk2 when the suspension on the cantilever broke.  I reached out to Andy Kim of the Needle Clinic to explore a replacement cantilever/stylus.  Andy responded promptly and answered my inquiries thoroughly.  While the Denon 301 was beyond repair, Andy hooked me up with an upgraded Denon 103.

Even though all the Discussion Boards insist you need a "high-mass" tonearm to get the 103 to perform, Andy insisted my Well Tempered Labs tonearm would handle the Denon 103 and his upgrade services would greatly enhance the sound performance over the stock Denon 103 and 301.

Andy shipped the new cartridge to me overnight Fedex and I was up and listening within a day or so of losing the first cartridge.


Ok, so how does the Needle Clinic semi-nuded boron cantilever MicroRidge stylus Denon 103 sound?  AMAZING!!!  Much more detail in the cymbals, tighter bass, holographic soundstage with air around each instrument.  It is exactly what I was seeking for a fraction of the cost of a high-end LOMC.  System is a Vincent 237 MK2 Hybrid integrated amp, Well Tempered Lab Amadeus MK2 TT, Vincent PHO-701 Phono Preamp, Elac uni-fi Reference 2.0 speakers on target stands.  Looking forward to addition of a Bob's Devices Sky 20 SUT to run thru the PHO-701 MM input, thus benefiting from the tube stage of the preamp!  Thank you Andy Kim! Great job!