Andrew Singer Of "Sound by Singer" passed away yesterday

Andy Singer who owned an audio store in Manhattan and was also a lawyer, passed away yesterday.  I was friends with him on Facebook and found him to be quite a fascinating person.  He was opinionated and was never afraid to speak his mind.  He knew a lot about high end audio and much more.  I will miss him. Rest in Peace Andy.


…..he was a memorable individual and also very knowledgeable. He could be and was tough at times but from my interactions with Andy , he was a good guy. Rest In Peace Andy and thank you for all that you gave to this hobby. 


"btw -- this should remind all of us too that life is indeed very short, don’t dwell on negativity, be positive and don’t let tortured souls we meet in life drag us down"

Thanks for this. It makes the forum better.

I visited that downtown store as well as Stereo Exchange fairly regularly in the mid-'80s and experienced impressive early designs like VAC push pull 300B, big Von Schweikert stacked cubes, Apogee Grande, etc.  IIRC he was an heir in the Singer sowing machine family and a few of his salesmen went on to writing for the stereo mags.  A prototypical New York scene: pushy, salesy, opinionated, swipe your credit card at the door before listening, but usually right about all thiings audio. RIP..