Anchor Magnepans

My Magnepan 3.5Rs sound quite nice, yet I feel anchoring them would improve on the already good performance. I once saw a photo of a system with accessory frame holding each speaker assembly. Anyone with experience? If so, who makes the frames?
I had a pair of Maggie 3.5R's an felt the same way about the stand. I don't know what specific photo you are refering to, but I am looking at an ad showing a Maggie 3.6 stand. The ad is for Sound Anchors, I would start there. Their website is I also seem to recall some comments is a recent Stereophile about this topic. I believe it was a letter to the editor. If you are unable to locate it let me know I will try to find it. Good Luck, Doug.
Thanks for the info Doug...The photo I saw had the speakers completely framed by another structure, BUT the Sound Anchors should be an improvement over NOS stands.
Years ago I heard of a completely framed pair of Maggies built by George Cardas, but, I think it was his personal project, and, not for re-sale.I was using the MG3A's at the time and thought this would be an awesome mod.My Magnepan dealer sold the stands, but I felt they only addressed a fraction of the possibilities shown by Cardas's setup.

I think you're correct. The stands were shown in an article about his personal system. Your eMail jogged my memory. Thanks
Go to audio asylum and look into the planar speaker section. There are plenty of people with mod and pictures which should help you out.