Amrita Audio Reference Standard towers

Happy New Year, all! I recently purchased a gloss black pair of these seemingly rare speakers. They have a 13 inch woofer, two 6-5 inch DynAudio mids and a Vifa metal dome tweeter. The mids and tweeter area is covered in black felt. To me they sound great powered by my Yamaha A-S801 integrated amp at 100 wpc. Does anyone have these or have any stories about them?
I only remember that it was a company that lasted for a few years, and that they were made in the USA. I think that it was midwestern(?) When they were in business, they used to have full page ads in The Absolute Sound. I read a review long ago of one of their speakers that wasn't a rave, but that doesn't mean much.
I'm trying to post pictures of them but I don't see an add photo option nor will my copy and paste seem to work on here. Anyone have a clue on how to do this?
You have to attach a link (copy and paste) from a photo sharing site or anywhere you can get a photo of them with a hyperlink.