amperex 6922 options

can anyone tell me if there is a significant sonic difference between the bugle boys, vs the 7308's? also what is the best 7308? I see tons of options.

thanks in advance!
I have a similar thread line initiated early on and I have gotten invaluable information.
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Just be careful, the Amperex is one of the most commonly counterfeited tubes. Sorry, I don't know how to identify the counterfeits, I just have heard many reports of it. Maybe someone can give some identifying aspects that can ensure a real Amperex.
Tube777. I consider the 7308 CEP USA Amperex to be the highest quality 7308. This tube was designed for stringent military applications and manufactured (I think) in New York.

Select guaranteed samples of this tube are available from BWS consulting at 703-536-3910. I own this tube and consider it one of the best. As with all tubes, preference is largely dependant on the equipment it is used in, the overall sound and personality of the system and user preference.

I often choose to run 6922 Mullard or 6DJ8 Telefunken in place of the CEP 7308 for this very reason.
Albertporter ( and the rest ) funny you should mention the Mullards, and the Telefunkens. I have both of them. So maybe I should just leave well enough alone. You know what they say, " ignorance is bliss ". I was only intersted in the Amperex becuase I had heard that they sound great in my BAT VK5i. But then I also was recomended, the Tung-Sol 5881's and I didn't care for them :)