Amp for Quad ESL 57?

I am starting to get bored of my current system and wanting to build a new one, again. There's a Quad ESL 57 available locally that I am interested in. However, I have no intimate knowledge of these speakers at all. What should I look for in an amp that will properly drive these speakers?

I did some research and found these speakers to have 82db sensitivity with a wide range of impedance from 60 to 1.8 ohms. Also, it seems most solid state amps need not apply. However, I do not like using tube amps. I am also eyeing an integrated amp, the Accuphase E-202. I hope this amp can properly drive the 57 as I love it's aesthetics. I just hope one won't destroy the other as I read improperly matched amps with the 57 will do. Here is a link to the Accuphase's specs:

I listen to mainly electronic pop such as Saint Etienne, Ivy, Beautiful South, Brookville, New Order. So, I like a delicate sound with an ample amount of pop. No speed metal listener here. My room is about 15x18. My main source is digital but will be getting into vinyl within the next 6 mos.

Your help is much needed and appreciated.

Ed, I have heard that the Atma Sphere M60s and the Quad ESL 57 are a match made in heaven. Mainly due to the high impedance of the Quads.

I am only relaying things that I've read though, as I've never personally heard the combination.
A long time ago I heard stacked Quads ("57s") with Marantz tube amplification. Although nostalgia is not a particularly valid criterion for choosing an amp or system, I have never heard anything better. If you were to get a Quad tube amp to go with the 57s, I do not think you could go wrong.
I'm using VTL TT-25 tiny triode mono amps with my Quad
57's. The way they sound you would think they were made for each other.
Trej, I heard about the Atmasphere/Quad combo as well. It is definitely intrigueing, but I want to stay away from tubes as much as possible. I want something lower maintenance. Then again, I probably shouldn't be looking at the 57 if I want something service free...

Lapaix, Although your opinion is nostalgia based, I definitely like to hear more about your hifi journey to and away from the 57.

Travelstead, The TT-25 is something I am also keeping half an eye on. Although it is tube gear which I try to avoid, this one seems to be very little maintenance as it only uses a few EL84 (if I remember correctly), and they bias really easily. I also read on audioasylum that someone was asking whether he can use his TT-25 to power a stacked "quad" of 57s. That doesn't happen to be you?
Viggen - I don't have the link on hand, but there used to be a lengthy document put together by a german fellow that listed a bunch of amps that are well known for complimenting the '57's. You should look around for it. I think I found a link on audio asylum, way back when.

Good luck. Peter
Hey Peter, LTNT. Are you referring to this page?

There's a section on here regarding amps to avoid...

5. Not recommended for safe use with the Quad ESL-57 -

Generally following items should be avoided in any
case :

o Solid-state amps made for pro-audio applications
(public address systems)
o Solid-state amps with capacitors in the output-stage
o Cheap integrated amps

I hope the E-202 doesn't fall under these categories. I am now also researching the Manley Stingray as well as the VTL TT-25 if I HAVE to go with tubes. These seem to be safer bets, although I really want the E-202 to work.

I also wonder if the Gaincard would work with the 57. My first guess is no which is why I started this thread. I'd also like to use the E-202 because I've read it has PHAnTastic phono.
You would think the Quad amplifier suggestion has to be a good one.

Ed, I do have to say that I am unsure if you can find a more reliable amplifier than the Atma Spheres. The tubes last a long, long, long time (Ralph has an M60 with over 20 years on the original output tubes), and the bias has never drifted, in my experience. That being said, the biasing procedure takes all of about a minute if you ever need to do it (I do it on my Christmas vacation each year) - again, it's never drifted on me.

They are as "set and forget" as a CD player. Believe it or not. I have shorted the amp many times, sometimes just for fun to show people, never with any damage to either the amps or speakers. I have even forgot to install some of the driver tubes in them once, with also no damage whatsoever.

Now, when it comes to the combination of them with the Quads, I hope there is someone among us who can speak to it.
The stacked Quads I loved so much many years ago belonged to a friend who was using a Marantz amp -- I don't remember the model number. All his electronics were Marantz (9B tuner for instance), and he was using a Thorens with an SME 3012 (12") tone arm. I do not remember which cartridge he had at first, but when he got a Decca (Maroon) the sound was absolutely amazingly good, much better in my opinion than the old "HQD" system, which I heard at Lyric in NY (a very unpleasant experience all around thanks to the arrogant staff). Later I owned Quad 63s for a long time, but they did not have the magic of the 57s, although I suppose they had superior measurements. Now I have an old pair of Cello Stradivari speakers that were custom made for my room. No doubt there are better speakers, but they seem great to me and my musician friends agree. For some reason the room is excellent, and there are simply no artificial resonances (that I can detect). So, I don't plan to change them anytime soon.
Thanks for the Quad amp suggestions. I will keep them on the back burner for now. Those amps hasn't piqued my imagination quite as of yet though. The VTL and Atmasphere will be something I will try down the road if solid state just isn't happening. And, if Lapaix is a salesperson selling me a pair of Quad 57s, he pretty much closed the deal on me with his description of them. I am absolutely dying to hear that 57's magic. However, the local seller that I was talking about hasn't replied my email. Perhaps he sold them already... sigh.

I just closed the deal on the Accuphase amp this noon and will pick it up tomorrow. Will be experimenting with other amps as well after I get my 57 which I hope will be sooner than later.
Thanks for the help everyone. I am convincing myself not to get the 57s until the summer. I will move out then and will get double stacked 57s which probably will require more room than what I have now. This seems to be a better way to go.