I have a very nice pair of these very large Altec speakers.....I am working on the cabinet at this time but would be interested in what , if anything owners are doing with the crossovers......At this time they have N-1500 crossovers.........Any first hand information would be very nice............My last speaker project wasn't so good, so I'm working on "REAL" speakers now......


I recommend you pose this question on the HiFi Haven forum, as many of the members are Altec afficionado's with strong DIY skills.  It's a friendly, knowledgeable and helpful group.

Did you figure out how to remove the grills?

If so - please post the details for future searches on the subject.



I have Altec 604E since 2005.

Two year ago, I built crossovers based on original n1500 schematics using good quality modern parts. The difference in sound is huge. It is like different, much more expensive speakers.

The chokes in the original crossover are OK. But capacitors and variable resistors must be replaced.

I used Duneland Cust resistors and mix of different capacitors:

Jensen PIO aluminum 1.5+1.5uF => 3uf, Jupiter VT 8uF + Duelund RS 4uF+ Auricap XO 2uF => 14uF, Duelund bypass Cu-Sn (3uF) and Silver (14uf), Soviet K71-7 polystyrene bypass for both (3 and 14uF).

First I can answer mr Dekay......I desided to not remove the grills......Secondly I will look into rebuilding the crossovers in there stock form, only not using Jensen caps because I have had problems with them leaking.......I will try a Solen or Mundorf.....I actually have a couple spare Altec Crossovers that I could rebuild...........Will